Planning to bring a new rabbit as a pet? As you bring the new pet to your home, you need to ensure that you arrange for a comfortable home for the new member of the house. Buying the right rabbit cage would require you to consider few factors. Here are some rabbit cage selection tips that you help make the right choice.

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Best Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

If the cage is to be keep indoors

To begin with, you need to make a choice that where you want the cage to be placed. If the cage is to be placed indoors, you can buy those traditional rabbit cages which are available in the pet stores. A few points to consider while buying an indoor cage are:

The height of the cage should be such that the rabbit does not have to struggle to sit upright. If you are buying a baby rabbit, you need to check on the maximum height that the animal will grow to and then decide on the height of the cage.

Rabbit Cage Plans: – learn how to build your own rabbit cage.

Rabbits are highly energetic animals, and they have a tendency to run around. If the cage is a small one, it would prove to be crampy for the little pet. Depending on the size of the rabbit, you need to ensure that the space inside the cage is enough for the pet to roam around at its will.

Do not forget to consider space for litter box, food box, and the water bowl which would be placed inside the cage only.

Tips to buy outdoor cages

When it comes to outdoor cages, you have to add in a few more factors in addition to the ones already mentioned above. These are:

The rabbit cage should be placed on a platform high above the ground. This would ensure that the rabbit is safe from potential threats like dogs, cats or other animals.

As the cage would be kept outside, you would need to ensure that the top of the cage is well covered. You would certainly not like the idea of your pet getting tortured under the scorching sun or getting drenched in rain.

The wires that would be used to make the cage should be strong enough. This is required for providing additional safety to the animal as it stays outside.

You need to have provisions to keep the inside of the cage warm so that the rabbit doesn’t feel cold out there. If it’s too cold, you need to carry the rabbit indoors, hence it would be good if the cage that you get for your rabbit is portable as well.

Apart from these things, there are some other important things that you need to consider while buying the cage for your rabbit. These would ensure that the pet has a comfortable and happy stay inside the cage. The floor of the cage should be covered with soft board, mat or similar material. The wires would otherwise tend to injure the soft legs of the poor animal. Also, the replacing of the floor mat should not be very difficult. You would need to change it from time to time as the excretions of your beloved pet would get stored on the floor mat only (even though you give a dedicated litter box to your pet).