Dedicated to My Angel Tifanny, without whom I’d never have begun my journey into raising butterflies. You not only led me to the butterflies but brought the joy found in the sharing of these beauties which, in turn, brought many new friendships. Throughout your short life, you were always surrounded by these fluttering beauties. I will never forget that warm spring day when you led me to the Passiflora plant and, together, we watched the mama Gulf Fritillary oviposit eggs…I know that whenever a butterfly alights upon me, you are sending me butterfly kisses from the Rainbow Bridge.                   1998–2006

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Butterflies truly are what makes a garden a breathing, living being. Without them, we wouldn’t have flowers. Many of the plants in our yards would not be pollinated. Fruits would not form. Their beauty is not in just the colourful wings but in what they bring about.

In order to have butterflies, it is important to know what about their life-cycle. Knowledge is a wondrous thing as it can help to increase the butterflies in your yard which in turn, can help develop your garden into a glorious paradise. If you have ever wanted to learn about butterflies in Southern California, then you have come to the right place. Many of these butterflies are found throughout the United States. So, take a moment to hang out and flutter through the site and learn about nature’s very own living garden.

Chelsea with an Anise Swallowtail (Papilio zelicaon)